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If you’re shopping for a wedding photographer, you might like to know I came across a great article listing 10 Steps to Finding A Great Photographer for Your Wedding. I’m not going to list all 10 steps, but I did read a few steps I feel are very important I’d like to share.

Step 1: Know Your Style

Before you begin researching photographers, you’ll need to decide upon the style of photography you prefer, as this will determine which kind of wedding photographer you’ll want shooting your wedding. Here’s what I mean.

Documentary: These are candid or spontaneous pictures of people, decorations, and the action throughout your wedding. Typical shoots would include family dancing and enjoying the music, or the bridesmaids laughing with champagne glasses in hand. You’ll rarely see people staring at the camera, because the photos capture the moments exactly as they happen, and together tell a story.

Portraiture: These are your classic portrait style. These shoots include the two of you, your family & friends in front of various backdrops. But that’s not to shortchange the creativity of the wedding photographer. Some photographers take portraiture to another level of creativity by posing the couple holding hands in the middle of a nearby dirt road with the mountains in the background.

Fine Art: This style gives the shooter a greater freestyle to infuse their particular point of view and style into your photographs. While the pictures are beautiful, they usually focus on the object (or couple), while the the background is a blur. Not all photographers who take a fine-art approach shoot portraits, so if it’s really important to you, your mama or Grammy to have posed family shots, look for wedding photographer who does both, or consider hiring a second shooter.

Step 2: Make Sure And Do Your Homework

Start by researching your potential wedding photographer and read the reviews of previous brides & grooms. Read their blog and checkout photos from other weddings, engagements, or bridal sessions.

Step 3: Met the Wedding Photographer In Person

If you like what you see on their site, and their fees are in your budget range (if available), call and see if they are available for your date. If not, see if they have an assistant with a similar style that’s available or ask them to refer you to another wedding photographer.

Step 4: Ask To See A Full Wedding Album

What you see on a photographers website are the highlights of multiple weddings combined. Ask to see the photos of a couple of recent weddings they’ve shoot, and make sure the style is consistent throughout.

Step 5: Make Sure Personalities Mesh

Putting it plan. If you don’t like your wedding photographer, you won’t like your photos. Here’s a great point I took from the article.

To get the best photos, your photographer needs to be assertive enough to seek out great moments, cajoling enough to coax relaxed smiles and natural stances from guests, and calm enough to be a positive force. They should ask lots of questions and be a good listener.

Step 6: Compare Wedding Packages

You won’t be able to nail down an exact dollar amount because you don’t know how many albums you need or your photographers locations. When interviewing, ask for a general price range based on the photographers “shooting fee” and packages.

Step 7: Make Sure You Know Your Rights

Most contracts stipulate that the wedding photographer owns the rights to all photos take at the wedding. This also means you can’t just post or print digital proofs they send you–which most photographers have a policy that you can only share watermarked images. Unless, you purchase the rights of your images.

Step 8: Get the Post-production Details

I’m not going to share anything here because the writer has written it perfectly in Step 10 of 10 Steps to Finding A Great Photographer for Your Wedding.

I hope this article helps smooth the bumps of finding the wedding photographer just right for your needs.

If you have any questions, give us a call or send us an email, we’ll be glade to help. And don’t forget to “Share the Love!”

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