8 Points To Check the Week of Your Wedding (Part-1)

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This is Part-1 of a 2 Part checklist for the week of your wedding that you don’t want to forget. Click here to read Part-2.

You’re a week away from saying “I do” and your floral, photographer and catering contract are signed and sealed and you trust your vendor. But with seven days to go, there are a couple of small very important task that need to be checked off your list without falling through the cracks. You don’t want to get to the alter and realize you don’t have the rings. That’s not good!

1. Communicate with Your Vendors, Again!

Call each of your wedding vendors the week of your wedding and confirm they are all of on the same page, then re-confirm the details and arrangements you have with them, including, but not limited to:

  • Give your caterer a final head count, including vendors such as your photographer, DJ, wedding planner & team. Ask how many extra plates the caterer will have prepared.
  • Make sure your venue has a list of vendor request such as a table for your DJ, space for your photo-booth or a room of your hair-stylist.
  • Call the limousine or car rental company and verify pickup time and location.

2. Designate Various Points of Contact

How would you feel if your caterer called you when your hair-stylist was at the midpoint of styling your hair or your makeup artist just got started. To avoid this, designate point people for every situation of your wedding, including the following:

  • Ceremony items: any items that you planned to use during your ceremony, the point where you say “I do”. Give someone the task of making sure everything is in place and ready.
  • Money: if you have made arrangements to pay vendors at the end of the reception, a good idea would be to make out checks and give them to someone (usually your parents) who will be the point of contact for your vendors.
  • Reception questions: introduce your planner and the reception site manager so that they can workout any issues during the reception.
  • Miscellaneous questions: provide “all” vendors and professionals with an emergency contact number to call on the day of your wedding. This is usually your planner, maid of honor, bridesmaid or parents.

3. Take a Few Minutes and Pack Properly

This is one are you want to take some time during the week and make sure you have everything you want & need for your wedding or your honeymoon. We all know too well what happens when you wake up at 5 a.m. to pack with bleary eyes! We usually get mismatched shoes, missing deodorant, and God knows what else. So, take a few minutes and know you have everything you want & need. This will definitely minimize a lot of stress.

4. Schedule All Your Beauty Appointments

Since you will most likely be texting the entire week of your wedding is one reason you may want to refresh your nails. Make any minor beauty appointments you want done that week, this goes for the groom as well–make sure his hair is trimmed and face shaved. If you plan to experiment with new products or treatments, this should be done months before your wedding, not the week of.

Continue reading Part-2.

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