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25th Wedding Anniversary Right In the Backyard!

Sometimes finding the perfect 25th Wedding Anniversary gift might seem like a difficult task, but if you keep it simple and do something the two of you really enjoy and like, you may find that the perfect gift is right under your nose.

This is exactly that Mike & Sarah did from the time they choose the location for your 25th wedding anniversary engagement session all the way to planning the wedding anniversary ceremony. Mike & Sarah kept it simple and everything turned out perfect.

Where Did It All Start?

It all started by shooting their 25th wedding anniversary engagement session at a community park close to their home. Too some couples, and maybe even you, the community park would be the last place you would think about shooting your wedding anniversary engagement pictures, but not for Mike & Sarah, it was the perfect location.

Why? Because when a couple enjoys their moment in front of the camera, the pictures you ultimately receive when your wedding photographer delivers your images will let you know that you chose the perfect spot for your photo session.

How is Mike & Sarah Felling Right About Now?

At this point as Mike & Sarah’s wedding photographer, I was feeling very good with myself because of the quality, energy and the smiles Mike & Sarah gave as I was photographing them having fun.

And I must add, Mike was not very enthused in regards to being in front of the camera taking pictures that day. However, by the time we finished the session, Mike was posing for the camera like a professional model without a problem.

But the ceremony was even better. Here’s why!

Never in a million years would I have guess that I was photographing 50+ years of history when I photographed the wedding cake topper. Here’s what I mean.

You Never Know What You're Going To Get Until You Get It!

As I was photographing the wedding setup, I happened to start a conversation with her sister that explained to me that the wedding cake topper was the same topper from her parents wedding 50+ years ago.

So not only was I given an opportunity on their 25th wedding anniversary to capture a part of history when Mike & Sarah was first married with their same wedding cake topper they had, but I also photographed the wedding cake topper that her mother and father had some 50+ years ago.

If I never get another opportunity, I have a piece of history I will never forget, and a couple I can truly say have demonstrated that lasting marriages still exist.

Congratulation to Mike & Sarah for the 25th Wedding Anniversary! And may God bless the two of you with many more.


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